UNISON members can earn unlimited cash back on everyday shopping.

Did you know as a UNISON member you can earn unlimited cash back on your everyday shopping at a wide range of major retailers?

Shopping online or in-store, you’ll get great benefits with the UNISON Prepaid Plus Cashback card. Earn up to 6% cash back at big-name retailers, including Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Boots. The cash back is unlimited so there’s no minimum spend or cap – you’ll earn cash back on every penny you spend.

Plus it’s great for budgeting, unlike a credit or debit card you load with money before you use it rather than paying for it afterwards so there’s less chance of getting carried away.

Don’t just take it from us…

“I have been a UNISON member for 21 years and fully support incentives that UNISON recommends to the membership. The prepaid plus card is fantastic and I have found it a very useful way of keeping control of my finances…I am recommending UNISON Prepaid Plus to my members.” – Prepaid Cardholder, UNISON Prepaid Survey 2014

Don’t miss out on unlimited cashback on your everyday shopping! Sign up for your card – visit UNISONprepaid.com

The UNISON Prepaid Plus Cashback Card is arranged by Union Income Ltd, a membership benefits partner of UNISON.

UNISON Pre-paid cash back card